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A Letter to the Black Children

by Rebekah Prewitt

Sunny is a very pretty Indian girl who thought that she was something very special all because she was from North India instead of South India. You see, the boys and girls in South India have a much darker skin color than the boys and girls in North India. This made Sunny feel very nice. One day, as Sunny was talking to her new best friend, Malah, she was very excited to tell her that she was from North India. When Malah saw how happy Sunny was to tell her where she was from, Malah became very sad. Malah said to Sunny, "Why are you so excited to tell others that you are from North India? Is it because of your skin color? Do you think you are somehow more special than others because you are from North India?" Sunny was shocked! No one had ever talked to her like this before. Malah said to Sunny, "It is racism and elitism to place yourself in a higher class than others because of your skin color." Surprisingly, Sunny immediately responded, "Malah you are right! I should not have thought that way. I was wrong. People don't choose what color they are going to be. They just come out that way. God chooses the colors. Those people who are black have no choice in the matter." Malah said, "That would be like a white person saying, 'I am better than you because I am white.'" Sunny, feeling very badly, decided to pray asking God to forgive her for thinking this way. She asked God to destroy those kind of thoughts from her head and that He would wash her.

Dear Children:

I am writing this letter to tell you that you are to beware of people who try to teach you to hate others because their skin color is different from yours.

Children, some people who are full of hate will try to teach you to hate the white man or the white girls and boys, but please don't listen to these people who are full of hatred. They want to make you just like them, but God does not want you to hate the white people. If you do, God will not like you.

Children, the people who teach you to hate the white people or the white children might even go to church and call on the name of God. But children, God calls these people liars and murderers and says that whoever does not love, does not know God, because God is love.

Children if they tell you that a long time ago the white man kept the black man as slaves, then tell them Jesus says to forgive the white man. Children, Jesus forgave the people who hated Him from the cross, and Jesus also says He will not forgive you if you don't forgive.

Children, it was the white man that God used to help free slaves. President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. Pastor Charles Finney, Pastor Peter Cartwright and many other white men from the North fought against slavery so that black people could go free. So children, the next time people try to teach you to hate the white man, remember that it was the white man that helped free the slaves.

Children, the civil war was mostly white people fighting white people over black people.

Children, in this life you will come across all kinds of people who will treat you poorly no matter what color they are. Even your own black people will treat you badly at times. If someone hates you, don't assume it is because of your color, but if it is because of your skin color, don't hate them back. Jesus says to talk to them, pray for them, and treat them well.

Children, if you do what Jesus teaches you to do, one day you will go to Heaven. When you get to Heaven, you will not be segregated by skin color. There will be no difference between Black and White or Brown or Yellow peoples.

Children, when we were born, we had no control over what color we would come out of our mothers' bellies. God chose the color.

Children, God loves different colors.
So Children, avoid people who teach you to hate the white people, or else one day you will grow up and become bitter just like them.

1 John 4:8, 20; 1 John 3:15; 1 John 2:9; Acts 17:26

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