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A New Friend

by Billy Prewitt

"Hi Mom," said Mark. "I made a new friend today."

"Really," said Mom.

"Yes. He is new at school. I thought it would be a nice thing to show him around."

"That was nice, Mark. What is his name?"

His name is TJ, and he seems pretty kool. He showed me his new phone. It had a sticker of a star on the back. I told him that the star was upside down. He told me that he liked it that way."

Mom said, "Did he say anything else about that star?"

Mark replied, "He said it was a from a place his dad goes. I don't remember what it was called."

Mom said, "Did he say it was from a lodge?"

"Yes," said Mark. "That is what it was."

Mom looked at Mark and said, "Mark, I don't want you to hang out with TJ anymore."

"Why?" said Mark.

"That star you saw is very bad," said Mom. "The place where his dad goes is a very bad place. Do you remember that building that we pass on the way to Nana's house?"

Mark said, "Do you mean the one with the creepy symbol that looks like an 'A'"

"Yes, that's the one," said Mom.

"I do remember that," said Mark. "Is that where that comes from?"

"Yes, Mark. The people that go to that place use that upside down star as a graven image. It is a star of the devil."


"Mark, I really do not want you to spend time with TJ. If his dad is a Mason, he will be a bad influence on you," said Mom. "Do you remember when Pastor Jones talked about graven images?"

"Yes," said Mark.

"Many people today still bow down to graven images," Mom said. "That star that TJ has is really called a pentagram. Many people think it is just a symbol, but it is a graven image, Mark."

"Pastor Jones said that people who bow down to graven images will go to Hell," said Mark.

"That's right," said Mom. "That's why I don't want you to be around TJ. I don't want you to go to Hell." "Okay, Mom. I won't hang around TJ anymore. I will tell him what you said about the star and tell him that I can't be his friend."

"Good for you, Mark. Who knows, maybe TJ will want to be more like you."

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