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Matt Smith's Testimony

by Matt Smith

I was 26 years of age when I got saved. How, you might ask? And, what happened? I was an individual who grew up in the church. I went to church every church service even when I got out of high school. However, from my late high school years, through college, and until I was 26, I would still go to the church services but go home and do closet sins. I committed fornication (physical and pornographic), lied, ran from God, and was a no-good man to the woman I was engaged to marry. My father, who is a pastor, kept on me to get right. I would still pray and ask God to bless my sin and even ask Him to forgive me so that I could do it all over again.

Then my fiance and I split. I was hurt because she was all I knew. I felt so guilty. I fasted on and off 1-3 days at a time for a month. I asked God to let me hear from Him and only Him, so I wouldn't ever be confused. I gave my life back to the Lord, and He began to speak things to me.

After that experience, I was doing fine for 7 months. Then I got back with my ex and got side tracked for a brief moment, but God knew I was starting to slip. He allowed me to see my life with her and without her. She was not headed in the same direction as me, so I knew God wanted me to let her go.

Then, I got back to the way God wanted me to be. You can't run from God. So, I got right. I was still a babe in Christ, but He worked on me like He had my father (his testimony was amazing as well).

At that time, I started to pray for a virtuous wife. I prayed specifically for certain attributes in my wife, and God gave me everything I asked for without any attributes missing. When I met her, God said, This is the one. The rest is history.

Now, I thank God every day and try to put a smile on peoples faces. I made a vow to God when I got saved, Whatever you want me to say, do, or go, I will say, do or go. I am not a wealthy man, but I have a roof over my back, food to eat, and clean clothes to wear. I work to make a living like most. I've worked different jobs to take care of my family. I believe that whatever job God had me on it was for learning purposes. I started off selling security alarms. I did that for five months before going to work for AT&T. After a while, I didn't feel morally right selling cable, and cell phones to people. I teach people not to watch as much TV. Eventually, I went back to selling security systems.

I say this to those who read this, "Get right with God." Don't hold on to things that will keep you away from serving Him. I made mistakes when God called me. I had to get over sex and pornography. It was a struggle, but God delivered me because I separated myself from it. Through all of that, I learned what Jesus meant when he said, "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect" (Matthew 5:48). This commandment to be perfect means that your love for God must be perfect. How can your love for God be perfect? Simple. Jesus said "If ye love me, keep my commandments" (John 14:15). Jesus summed all of His commandments up in two commands. I put it like this. Love others as yourself, and Love God with everything you have. If you do these things you are perfect, and only a perfect person, without a spot or a wrinkle, will make it into the Kingdom. Don't let people tell you that you can't be perfect. You can! No matter if you are crippled, lame, have a speech impediment, a 7th grade education, or no dexterity, you can be perfect! The Bible does not give you a license to sin. "Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound?" (Romans 6:1). NO!!! If God can deliver me from sex and other sins, He can deliver you. If you desire to live holy, God will surely accommodate you. Have a blessed day.

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