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Modern Israel Allegory
The History of Israel

The Holy Spirit

The Baptism and Gifts
The Ministry of the Spirit
The Promise of the Father, Part 1
The Promise of the Father, Part 2
Separate from Conversion? Part 1
Separate from Conversion? Part 2
Evidence for the Baptism, Part 1
Evidence for the Baptism, Part 2
Preparing for Pentecost


The Ashes Exchange
Seeking God
7 Reasons God Must Send Revival
The Word of the Lord
Skeletons Have No Ears
We Live in Nazareth
Underneath the Letters

End Times

The Coming of War
The End of the World
The Last Days


The Church of Thyatira
The Church of Sardis
The Church of Philadelphia


The Blood of Jesus
Eating Blood
The Virgin Birth
The Other Side of Grace
The Power of the Resurrection
The Deity of Christ
The Death of Christ

Christian Living

True Liberty
I Hear Voices in My Head
The Devices of Satan - Deception
Overcoming Lust
Precept, Principle, and Providence
Seven Ingredients to Keep from Falling
Systematic Obedience


Four Stories
Is Your Christianity Working?
Examine Yourself
Deceptions of the Heart


Dinosaurs and the Bible, Part 1
Dinosaurs and the Bible, Part 2

Other Speakers

A. Pratapsingh, Testimony
Jai Paul Singh, The Sanctity of Life

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Printable Tracts


Are You Holy?
Do You Want to Know Your Future?
When You Mess Up, Come
A Fresh Start
Are You Really Saved?
Totally Ravaged
The Adulterer
Ten Commandment Quiz
Really Forgiven
How Good are You?

Bible Teaching

Government and the Christian's Response
Are You in the Faith?
Do You Want Perfect Faith?
A Promise for You
Dealing with Deceivers
Is Your Christianity Working?

Christian Counseling

Do Suicide Victims Go to Heaven?
2 Steps to Overcome Lying
Leave and Cleave
Loved, Betrayed, Healed
Abortion? Why NOT!
Overcoming the Giant of Fear
Broken by Divorce?
Why Did God Let This Happen?


The Truth About the Bible


Robert McCormick

For Children

A New Friend
Just Like Dad
Letter to the White Children
Letter to the Black Children

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